Bridge Hands and Articles

Welcome to the Bridge Hands and Articles page of the SOMBA website. SOMBA encourages written submissions of interesting bridge hands, articles on bidding and play, interesting adventures in the bridge world, and biographical material of interest to local bridge players. You may submit an article for consideration by clicking the [Contact Us] menu button at the top of the page and attaching your submission. The articles whose links are printed below are listed in order of publication on this page.

Mary Smith: "Alerts and Transfers!"

Jakob Kristinsson: "Adventures in Gatlinburg"

Henry Shevitz: "Miss Cleo"

Henry Shevitz: "Important Tempo"

Posh Gulati:  “Swiss Basics and Posh's Ten Golden Rules for Swiss Team Events.”

Bob Gruber:  “Swiss Teams for Newcomers

Bill Landrum: “Squeezing Out Tricks in Memphis.”

Renay Danto Weiner: “Everyone’s Favorite Partner (John Coffee Obituary)

Steve Allen: “Odds and End Plays

Henry Shevitz: “Defensive Error?”

Bill Landrum: “Playing the Odds.”

Partnership Agreements