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Motor City Regional
October 8th to 14th
Costick Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Spooktacular Sectional
October 26th to 27th
Birmington Unitarian Church
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Apple Cider Sectional
November 15th to 18th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI
Entry Fee per person per Session: $11 for 0-300 and $12 for all others Saturday and Sunday play-through Swiss $29 (includes light lunch)

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Valentine Sectional
February 7th to 10th
Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Keeping You Informed

                          Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

October November
Thomas Bjorklund Robert Chapman
Jane Dallas Gail White
Joyce King Jamees Yi
Robin Lewis
John Lowry
Pamela Lowry
Patricia McCabe
Sally Mezey
Margaret Stacy


Submitted By: Dave Fletcher - SOMBA Election Chairman

The 2018 SOMBA board of directors election ballots have been collected and tabulated and the results are as follows:

Returning members to the board are:
Lori Briscoe
Deepak Dighe
Posh Gulati
Naresh Kapila
Satish Shah
Kathy Twomey

Two new members joining the board are:
George Christian
John Piljan

The board would like to congratulate everyone as well as thank them for their commitment to our bridge community. Also many thanks and appreciation to our outgoing members -
Jerry Hasenjager and Lynn Root! (11/18)

My Adventure Into Duplicate Bridge

By: Sook Wilkinson, Ph D

I first started playing bridge with my husband and father-in-law — just social bridge but still competitive when I didn’t know much about bridge.   Then, my very good friend, Kathy, asked if I’d take some lessons with her and wade into the world of duplicate bridge.   I said ok, just because we were good friends.   We had been true and tested partners in tennis for many years.   We understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we always enjoyed our partnership, win or lose.

At that point, I was still working as a clinical psychologist, and I knew my play time was rather limited.   I was still willing to give it a try, just because I was with my friend.   Nothing bad could happen, right?

With both of us being competitive, we got hooked on the kind of high you get from competitive stimulation.   We both loved to learn and quickly became students of bridge.   I finally had a breakthrough in my understanding of bridge.   I had an a-ha moment that learning to play duplicate bridge is like learning a new language that you and your partner “speak,” not just some random memorization.   This became my turning point in duplicate bridge.

We also met so many kind people, who were willing to teach us when asked.   Pretty soon, the bridge friends became a part of our community.   You see them more often than even your social friends.   When someone is absent, you inquire about them.   You share the stories from the highs and lows of your life.   You create his(her)story together built on shared experience.

These are some of the reasons why I keep going back to bridge.   How about you?   I bet you have your own stories of duplicate bridge.   In sharing our stories, we’re deepening our connection with one another.   These are precious connections we hold near and dear as we go through the changing rhythms of life.   I invite you to share your stories.

                              Masterpoint Achievements

October Achievements November Achievements
Junior Master Annette Comstock Junior Master Nora Hamill
Junior Master Jacquelyn Hess Junior Master Nancy Leibler
Junior Master Elizabeth Lee Junior Master David Satwicz
Junior Master Susan Spangler Junior Master Janet Torok
Sectional Master Hwaja Kim Club Master Janet Hotchkiss
Sectional Master Harold Lipsitz Club Master Kenneth Korotkin
NABC Master Marcia Boxman Club Master David Mitchell
NABC Master Pamela Radike Club Master Charles Raeder
Life Master Song Lin Regional Master Alan Hassoun
Gold Life Master Ross Weinstein Regional Master Claudia Snyder
Regional Master Chun Zhou
NABC Master John Grant
NABC Master Jean Hellekjaer
NABC Master Leba Raubort
NABC Master Charlene Spitza
Life Master Linda Lutze
Life Master Samir Zeine
Ruby Life Master Richard Peacock

President's Corner
(Responses to comments/suggestions we received during various tournaments.)

1.   Many of us do not eat pig products.   Could you please get lots of turkey and/or roast beef and also some vegetarian sandwich or vegetarian pizza?
It has been our practice to get a variety of food products to cater to various segments of our members.   We also know that there are some strictly vegetarian people and we make sure that we get vegetarian sandwiches/pizzas.   In addition, we make sure to put appropriate labels to make it easier for our members to identify the items.

2.   On the flyer, state explicitly if food will be served or not.
We provide light lunch only on Sunday (Regional) and Saturday and Sunday (Sectional) when we have a play through Swiss event.   The flyer states this with a note below the Saturday/Sunday Swiss event "Light lunch provided after 3rd/4th round"

3.   Cafeteria in building services. Lunch - why not make arrangements for all of us ????
We would be glad to do this; however, the buildings we rent do not provide cafeteria services.   We have taken upon ourselves to provide coffee, donuts, bagels and some snacks on a daily basis.   On the weekends where we have Swiss play-through events, we provide light lunch for ALL participants.   Providing food on a daily basis is not practical.   Not everybody would be willing to pay for our food nor like our limited items.   Some people bring in their own lunch and some desire to go out to nearby restaurants of their choice.

4.   Need more time between sessions - 6:00 too early -10:00 and then 2:30 too close.
At the Regional, the 6:00 evening session is only on Monday when the 1st session starts at 1:00.   The rest of the days, the evening session starts at 7:00.   Most of our players fall into the senior citizens category and have expressed their desire not to start too early in the morning and not to start too late as they wish to go home at a decent time at night.   We have about 90 minutes between sessions.   There are a number of restaurants within a couple of miles which gives sufficient time to eat.   After experimenting quite a bit with session times, we seem to have struck a fine balance and most players seem to be happy with it.

5.   As long as there is a kitchen at this facility (Costick Center) why couldn't there be sandwiches or take orders instead of bringing in food from outside?
Yes, there is a kitchen at this facility.   We also asked Costick Center management if they would make/have food available for our players.   Costick informed us that they do not have staff to perform this function for us.   As a result, we provide coffee, donuts, bagels, soft drinks and other snack items which we buy from outside. (10/13)

SOMBA Educational Seminar

SOMBA has taken up an initiative to share the tips and tricks of how the experts play bridge.   With this view in mind, SOMBA took upon itself to conduct "Educational Seminars" for bridge players, four times a year. These seminars are free of charge to any player who wishes to attend.

The first seminar was held in July and was hosted by SOMBA President, Satish Shah.   The well attended event generated very positive comments.

The Birmingham Unitarian Church was quiet Sunday afternoon, October 7th, as forty players eager to learn Bridge accepted Somba’a invitation and watched teaching guru Larry Cohen present a lesson on defensive play.

This was the second in a series offered by Somba’a Education Committee.   This followed a “When and when not too get out the trumps” lesson that was held last July.

Dave Dursum and Vickie Vallone, who are the chairs of the Education Committee, were the principal organizers of the seminars.   Thanks to Diane Kosuda who helped with managing snacks and refreshments for our players.   The players appreciated the time it took Vickie to organize the bridge boards that were played, as well as the pizza.   Somba President Satish Shah, was present and provided total support towards this initiative.

Larry Cohen, who regularly contributes to the Bridge Bulletin, provided suggestions, tips, and helpful examples of effective defensive play.   He stressed the importance of defense since a player will be in defense 50% of the time.   Good bridge players are GOOD DEFENDERS .

The next seminar in the series is planned to be offered in January, 2019. (10/18)

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