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The Longest Day

Wednesday, June 19

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Joint SOMBA/MBA Sectional
June 20th to 23rd
The Michigan Bridge Connection Southfield, MI

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Russell Roosen Sectional
August 15th to 18th
The Michigan Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI --Map--

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Motor City Regional
Oct. 28th to Nov. 3rd
Costic Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Keeping You Informed

The Bridge Connection To Host
The Longest Day Games
On Wednesday, June 19

The ACBL’s The Longest Day annual special day to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association will be celebrated by the Bridge Connection on Wednesday, June 19th.  Four games will be held, each awarding considerably higher masterpoints.  Stratified open pair games will be held at 9am (18 boards), noon (lunch will be served) and 7pm.  There will also be a 0-750 game at noon.

Players will have the opportunity to bid to play with an expert (see the Bridge Connection’s Facebook page for details or check at the club).  All winning bids will be tax-deductible donations to the Alzheimer’s Association.  In addition, there will be a 50/50 raffle with lots of door prizes and a bridge book sale. Direct donations to the Alzheimer’s Association through the Bridge Connection are also welcomed to help the club meet a $3,600 challenge grant from one of their players.

Last year, the Bridge Connection raised nearly $20,000 and has set a goal of $25,000 for this year.  Come play in all three games to support this very worthy cause.  For further information, call 248-356-6254 or email Ron Horwitz at:   horwitz@oakland.edu.

Success at the Mentor/Mentee Game

The first Bridge Pro/Am since 2007 was provided by SOMBA last April 13 with 72 participants. The event supported the idea that many Bridge players want to improve their game and are willing to take steps to do so. It was also a tribute to the Bridge community that so many mentors took the time to help out. Look at the pictures rolling above and see if you recognize anyone.

“By far, it was the best event I’ve seen to bring out so many players-pros and ams-and I’d propose that we consider doing it more than once a year” Those are the words of Sook Wilkinson, Somba Membership Chair, who was a mentor with her husband Todd.

“It was a enjoyable event and we received a lot of good information and Bridge pointers” said Dave Cook a mentee who participated with his wife Diana, another mentee.

The day consisted of 18 Bridge hands with adequate time for the mentors to make suggestions and comments. A supply of donuts and the pizza provided for socialization, always an important part of Bridge.

Vickie Vallone served as the Director, as well as coordinating the mentee list. Somba President Satish Shah coordinated the mentors.

WOW --- What A Game

Tai Chan & Song Lin had a 77% game
Friday, May 10 at the Friendly Bridge Club

9 of their 24 hands were Top 100% hands


1.   Always count your cards BEFORE looking at them.   If you don't and have an incorrect number, you may face a penalty.

2.   You may ONLY tell your Partner if the last trick is facing the wrong direction.   Calling attention or correcting any other trick is strictly PROHIBITED.

3.   DO NOT call the director on yourself, even if you realized you revoked or any other reason.   It’s up to the opponents to catch it.

4.   Any player except Dummy must call the Director when law infractions, hesitations, rude behavior, or problems of any kind occur.   Dummy may, however, call a director after the hand has been played out.

5.   After a board has been played, you may not, without permission, remove someone's hand to look at it.   If you have received permission, only one hand at a time may be out of the board.

6.   If declarer designates a suit, but not the rank, he is deemed to have called for the lowest card of the suit indicated.

7.   If declarer designates a rank but not a suit, he is deemed to be continuing the suit in which dummy won the last trick.

8.   Do not ask for information unless it is your turn to bid or play.

9.   A player may not refer to his/her convention card during the auction or play.

10. The opening lead should be made face down until it is accepted by partner.   This prevents irregularities such as leading when it is not your turn.   It also enables your partner to ask any questions about the auction or alerts that have been made.

11. Snapping cards is one of the ten greatest pet peeves of Larry Cohen and most bridge players.

                          Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

April May
Donald Borich Marsha Auslander
Grace Brainin Marjorie Decapite
Marie Maskin Timothy McCabe
Crystal Noftz Elaine Weber
Joseph Reimann Linda Zapp
Margaret Sande

                              Masterpoint Achievements

April Achievements May Achievements
Junior Master Thomas Bjorklund Junior Master Julia Beals
Junior Master Ann Katz Junior Master Sue Bernstein
Club Master Tara Clavenna Junior Master Donald Borich
Club Master Beverly Seifert Junior Master Judy Flowers
Sectional Master Elizabeth Mikhail Junior Master Christine Giampetroni
NABC Master Carol Borich Junior Master Wendy Kelly
Bronze Life Master William Smallwood Junior Master Moe Shah
Ruby Life Master Lynn Root Junior Master Dr. Sudarshan Singal
Gold Life Master Robert Mendelson Junior Master Dr. Todd Wilkinson
Club Master Margaret Mohler
Club Master Karen Pollak
Sectional Master Kathleen Cooley
Life Master Mari Kaftan
Bronze Life Master Mari Kaftan
Bronze Life Master Dr. Roberta Toll
Ruby Life Master Phyllis Cohn
Ruby Life Master Connie Dugger

A Message of Thanks

Hello Lakshmi, And thank you for your message of congratulations.

I started playing duplicate bridge in San Miguel México at the invitation of a friend while spending a winter break there. Having not played since college and never duplicate, I had a lot to learn.

Upon returning home, I joined my sister, Nancy Stewart, to play in Grosse Pointe, continued in Mexico with Mary Jane Brodie and, more recently, with John Grant in Bloomfield Hills. All are good players and very patient with my lapses. I’ve enjoyed our games and the tournaments, getting to know some very nice people. And, best of all, my weekly get together at the table with my sister.
                             Kate Beebe

2019 Wolverine Regional

The table count at club games and at all tournaments has been trending down for several years. Despite this, our table count showed a significant improvement at our 2019 Regional.

I was thinking about what factors contributed to this reversal in trend. Here are some reasons that come to mind.

First, it is the tremendous hard work and teamwork of SOMBA Board members who have worked tirelessly for the last several months. They wake up early in the morning, get fresh bagels and donuts and arrive a full hour prior to the start time. Some Board members do not even play. They simply come just to fulfill the tasks they have committed to.

For the last several years, we have held a lid on our entry fees despite the increases in other costs. We have provided coffee and snacks and soft drinks throughout the tournament. Compare this to National tournaments where players have to buy their own coffee and virtually no snacks are provided.

Our players have also enjoyed and appreciated the bridge lectures provided by our team of expert bridge lecturers. In the short amount of time they had, they provided us the finer points of bridge that can be put to immediate use.

A huge accolade to our bridge community and especially the top players. In the past, our players witnessed intimidating behavior from some of the players and there were zero tolerance violations. However, there has been a huge improvement in this area. We are proud to say that there was not a single incidence of ZERO TOLERANCE violation. Several players expressed that they were welcomed, saw courteous behavior from players and felt very comfortable. They expressed that they were more apt to return to the tournaments.

An overwhelming majority of the players told us they appreciated all of the hard work put in by SOMBA and that they enjoyed playing in the tournament.

We have posted a lot of pictures on our website. Please look at the rotating pictures at the top of this page and you may see your picture in action.

Satish Shah, SOMBA President