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Russell Roosen Sectional
August 15th to 18th
The Michigan Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Spooktacular Sectional I/N
October 25th to 26th
Birmingham Unitarian Church
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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Motor City Regional
October 28th to Nov. 3rd
Costic Center
Farmington Hills, MI

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Apple Cider Sectional
Nov. 14th to 17th
The Michigan Bridge Connection
Southfield, MI

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Keeping You Informed


Issue #2

How to play a card.

When you play a card, lay it on the table vertically in front of you and take your hand away. When the person that won the trick turns their card over, this signals that you should turn your card over. If you are not done analyzing the trick or planning your next move, ask that everyone turn their card back face up until you are ready to proceed. If you have turned your card over, you may no longer request the trick to be re-faced. If you develop this habit, everyone will have the opportunity see all played cards and have the time they need to determine their next action.

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The Latest Educational Seminar

On Sunday, October 6th, The Somba Education Committee presented an excellent seminar on the bidding of 2/1 Game Force.   The seminar was well attended by nearly 50 people having Master Pointa ranging from Life Master to those with less than 50 points.
This was the fifth Educational Seminar presented by SOMBA on various bridge topics of interest.   The participants first played four lesson hands on the topic followed by a brief analysis and then a short break for Pizza and Pop.   The grand finale of the seminar had the participants watching a DVD presented by world famous bridge author, teacher and many times National Champion, Mr. Larry Cohen.

Mary Jo Campbell, one of the participants, said “ I was very happy with the session.   Larry Cohen made it sound so easy.   I am eager to try it out with my partners.   It will also help when I am competing with opponents who use the system.”

“It was extremely interesting and well organized” commented Linda Gosling, “I was very impressed with the turn out”

After Somba President Satish Shah led the seminar and guided the players though the session, he disclosed that Somba will continue these seminars with one being planned for January, 2020, and that a Pro-Am is being planned for April 2020.

                          Welcome to the New SOMBA Members

August September
Terry Selman Judy Hildebrand
Shelagh Vanderveen John Hoagland

Masterpoint Achievements

August Achievements September Achievements
Junior Master Marla Feldman Club Master Maxine Brickner
Junior Master Gale Gordon Club Master Marsha Fischer
Junior Master Heard Slade Club Master Jeanne Planet
Junior Master Kyoko Watanabe Club Master Arvin Sab
Club Master Mary Jung Club Master Naveen Sab
Club Master Gerd Keuffel Sectional Master Brad Kinsman
Club Master Patricia McCabe Sectional Master Georgene Kinsman
Club Master Carol Price Sectional Master David Satwicz
Sectional Master James Huston Regional Master Daniel Wolf
NABC Master Edward Becker Adv. NABC Master Mary Campbell
NABC Master Thomas Bonfils Adv. NABC Master Gay Garcia
NABC Master Jerrie Sasson Adv. NABC Master Pamela Radike
Bronze Life Master Rosemary Sharland Bronze Life Master Denise Brown
Bronze Life Master Samir Zeine
Silver Life Master Owen Kuechle
Silver Life Master Carol Young
Gold Life Master Deepak Dighe

Bridge Learning Resources

For those bridge enthusiastic players who strive to add more depth to their bridge game, here is a great web site that does not cost any money. This web site is by the prominent bridge player, writer and teacher of bridge, Larry Cohen.   Twenty five times he has been named as North American Bridge Champion, and two times as the winner of the Cavendish Invitational Pairs.   The Law of Total Tricks was popularized in the USA by Cohen.

Go to www.larryco.com and click on Learning Center.   This contains numerous learning tools such as:

I.   Articles:   This section contains numerous topics and sub topics.
II.   Quizzes:   Contains quizzes on topics like, Defense, 2/1 Game Force, Doubles, etc.   The online quiz will test your knowledge and provide instant answers and rate your knowledge.
III.   Bidding with Larry:   This section provides you various hands and tests your bidding knowledge.
IV.   Larry's eLessons:   This section provides articles and quizzes on various topics.
V.    Videos:   Provides brief videos on various subjects.  You can also print out handout material on the subject which provides practice hands and analysis. It also gives you quizzes to test your knowledge.

Submitted by Satish Shah, SOMBA President