Welcome to the Photo Albums page of the SOMBA website. On this page you will find albums containing photographs from SOMBA sponsored events, from local bridge clubs frequented by SOMBA members, and from other events of interest to our bridge playing community.

  October, 2018 Spooktacular Sectional
  June, 2018 MBA-SOMBA Joint Sectional
  May, 2018 Wolverine Regional
  April, 2018 Gatlinburg
  October, 2017 SOMBA Spooktacular
  June, 2017 SOMBA/MBA Joint Sectional
  May, 2017 Wolverine Regional
  April, 2017 SOMBA Springtacular
  February, 2017 Valentine Sectional
  November, 2016 Apple Cider Sectional
  October, 2016 SOMBA Spooktacular
  April, 2016 SOMBA Springtacular
  November, 2015 Apple Cider Sectional
  November, 2015 SOMBA Spooktacular
  May, 2015 Wolverine Regional
  April, 2015 SOMBA Springtacular
  February, 2015 Valentine Sectional
  November, 2014 Apple Cider Sectional
  November, 2014 Dave Buskirk--Director Emeritus
  October, 2014 SOMBA Spooktacular
  May, 2014 Wolverine Regional
  February, 2014 Valentine Sectional
  October, 2013 SOMBA Spooktacular
  June, 2013 Learn Bridge in a Day
  May, 2013 Wolverine Regional
  April 2013 SOMBA Springtacular
  March, 2013 Learn Bridge in a Day
  October, 2012 SOMBA Spooktacular
  May, 2012 Wolverine Regional
  November, 2011 Apple Cider Sectional
  October, 2011 SOMBA Spooktacular
  June, 2011 Bob Hamman Visits The Bridge Connection
  May, 2010 Wolverine Regional