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1.  This program is restricted for the use of MBA (Unit 137) and SOMBA (Unit 203) members.  If you are a member of one of those two units, and your ACBL number was not found, then please send your name and ACBL Number to Tony Savant ( via email, and he will grant you access.

2.  If you are an MBA or SOMBA member and want to have YOUR telephone number(s), or email address added to this directory for others to be able to access, then you must fill out a form Click here for Form, sign it and date it, and then see that it gets delivered to Shelley Boschan or Posh Gulati--either in person or by mail or by emailing them a scanned version of the form.  (Mail to Shelley Boschan, 4228 Sedgemoor Lane, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302 or Posh Gulati, 521 S. Spinningwheel Lane, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304.)  A phone call will not be enough.  We must have a completed form in writing to protect your privacy and to meet ACBL regulations.

3.  If you find an error in YOUR personal record, or if you wish to make a change in YOUR personal record, then please send the information to Tony Savant ( via email, and he will make the correction or change to YOUR personal record.

Data Last Updated on February 19, 2020