How to use the SOMBA web site

I.To look up the club game results
A. Click on Club Results
B. Click on the club name showing the day of the game
    of interest
B.1 - If you are looking for the Bridge Central BC, click on NEW! View results in ACBL Live for Clubs
II.To look up Club info (Name, Manager, Email, Location,
Web Site)

A. Click on Clubs
B. From the Clubs page, click on Back to return to the
   Welcome page
III.To see info on what Games are available
A. Click on Games, then you will see
1. Day of the game
2. Club web site address
3. Type of game
4. Game start time
5. Game location address
6. From the SOMBA Club Games page, click on
    Back to return to the Games page
B. From the Games page, lick on Back to return to the
Welcome page
IV.For Name, Phone Number(s) and Email of SOMBA or
MBA members

A. Click on Member Directory
B. Follow the instructions
V.To see all tournament results
A. Click on Tournament Results
VI.Other things to see by clicking on Other Links
A. SOMBA Board info
B. Minutes of past Board meetings
C. Photos taken at past SOMBA events/tournaments
D. Select copies of past Welcome pages
E. Bridge hands and articles submitted by members
F. Bylaws of SOMBA
G. Kudos to members
H. Past copies of SOMBA Echo and Tournament Daily
I. A link to the District 12 web site
VII.For questions
A. Click on Contact Us
B. From the Contact Us page, click on Back to return
     to the Welcome page      2/4